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A "Crazy's" Notion

The sun shone bright on that summer's day

When, to the beach I did wend my way.

I weaved through the traffic on that trip

Concentrating, on that promised dip.

I perspired freely from every pore

As I made my way down to the shore.

The beach was crowded, from cliff to sea

With folks that thought the same as me.

I found a spot and spread my towel

Even though we were packedin, cheek by jowl.

The first blood, and victory, went to me

I'd secured a spot, but where's the sea?

The tide I'd noted was on the wane

Six more hours, before it turned again.

As the tide receded, so did my hope,

Who would think to bring a telescope?

I glanced around at would be bathers there

The girls well formed, men bronzed, chests bare.

I thought what will they think of me

For my bathing suit, covered neck to knee.

It was arelic from my past,

It's a shame that fashions never last.

I sighed, and to the sea did glance,

As for my hoped for dip, there was no chance.

I folded up my strip-ped towel

And left those bathers, packed cheek by jowl

And wended my weary sweat stained way

Back to the Home, to plan another day,

Wherein I could indulge my fancy free

Of a refreshing dip in that receding sea.

They should have told me at the Institute,

That one no longer bathes, in a full length suit!


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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved