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Perhaps Tomorrow.

I long for conversation

on a relaxed social scale

I long for female company,

just a zephyr not a gale,

I long for that voice of reason

that has guided me through life

I long for one dear lady and that  lady is my wife.

I long to hear her greet me

as I enter the front door

I long to hear how her day's gone

and what's more, what's more, what's more

I long to feel her lying close

beside me in my bed

I long to see that smiling face on the pillow near my head.

I yearn for home cooked meals,

prepared with loving care

I yearn for female guidance

on what I should or should not wear.

I yearn for someone to talk to

when the day's been full of strife

I yearn for one dear lady and that lady is my wife.

I yearn to take her in my arms

kiss all her cares away,

I yearn to have another chance

or just another day.

I yearn to hear her singing

in duet with me again,

I yearn to turn back all those years until we are young, in vain.

I want for some companionship

almost all the time,

I want for female attention

for I'm still in my prime.

I want for audibility

in the visions I create,

Iwant for one young lady that once was my soul mate.

I want to live our life again

those caring years of old,

I want to do things different

I need someone to hold.

I want to feel her love again

dispense with daily toil,

I want to go and join her and shake off this mortal coil.

I need for the sake of others

to continue in my plight

I need for just another day

to have the strength to fight.

I need for family reasons

and for the promises I did make

I need for her understanding when at last my heart does break.

I need to show our children

that life itself is fine

I need to reassure them

that I have not crossed the line.

I need to secure their future

in this torturous, devious life

I need to do these various things, then join my lady wife.


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