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  Soft brown eyes, appealing
Whilst her heart raced in her breast,
She'd lain so long, she'd lost all feeling
Save for a tiredness, a need to rest.
Trapped in wire, torn on the hock
The young roe deer just lay,
Bruised and battered, deep in shock
Who for her, would save the day?
No more Cameras Our wee Dandie did espie her there
And ran o'er to make a fuss.
His barks and yells did fill the air,
It was his noise that attracted us.
The roe deer's eyes had filled with fear
As we wrestled with the wire.
Quite overwhelmed, I shed a tear
To free this deer was my desire.
  My friend raced home to find the means
To cut the wee beast free,
The Dandie licked my bloodstained jeans,
It was the deer that bled, not me.
At last the entanglement was clear,
The roe's relief remained unspoken,
A nervous twitch convulsed the deer
I fear its leg was broken.
  Barbed wire in town or city
Does not seem out of place,
Should we show this roe deer pity?
Now that's another case.
With a bound that almost burst its heart
It made a bee line for the trees
Its sudden movement gave me a start
And left me praying..... on my knees.
Roe Deer
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