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  As I write this poem to him
He sits nestled at my feet
Content to rest in the interim
And in repose, he looks so sweet
But beware of resting Dandies,
Do not disturb this lad, for sure
Not even doggie candies
Would be strong enough a lure

You see he has had his walk
He has today traversed the glen
He has put to flight the sparrowhawk
As well as a score or more greyhen
He has trailed the scent, espied the fox
And drunk from the mountain streams
He has dicovered the setts of sleeping brocks
But disturbed them not in dreams.


He has crossed the purple heather patch
He has inhaled that sweet clean air
Once onto a scent he's hard to catch
Highland creatures. best beware.
He' a Dandie out o' Cumbria
Audrey Heaton's clan ye ken?
Whilst I hail frae Northumbria
Near old Danie Dinmont's glen.


So it's as ah telt ye
Leave the poor wee dug tae rest
Let his dreams be carefree
And may good breeding stand the test
For Angus is no a 'toon' dug
He's mair at hame wi' heather
A peat fire to keep his wee hoose snug
Irrespective o' the weather


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