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  Fragrance fill the airways
and adheres to all around.
ANGUS loves the mornings
and the fresh smells on the ground.
He leads his little protege
through the early morning dew
And from the misty, purple peaks,
they stand and marvel at the view.
  For this is the land of ANGUS
with its heather and its pines.
These are the streams, the very life blood,
of those special Highland wines.
The smell of fresh cut Scottish peat
does oft times assail the air,
ANGUS feels his hot blood rush
as once more his nostrils flare.
  He scents a stag and off he bounds
to chase the Monarch o the Glen.
AILSA, his wee protege, hesitates,
but soon is off again.
Leaping, striding, bounding,
side by side they run.
Whod of thought a lesson in aromatherapy
would turn out to be such fun.
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