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  ANGUS watched the postman
As he trudged up to the door.
Then rushed to check the morning mail
As it cascaded upon the floor.
AILSA joined him in this romp,
This puppy pantomime,
And pounced upon a postcard
Which proclaimed, “It’s Booster Time.”
  “Booster Time” for Dandie Dinmonts
Means a visit to the vet.
ANGUS, he had been before,
AILSA, she was too young as yet.
So the reminder, it was for ANGUS,
Addressed to him, through me.
An invitation to a party,
For it was “Booster Time” you see?
  The vet always held a party
So that his ‘patients’ could all meet,
It was usually in his surgery
So that the owners could have a seat.
The ‘patients’ enjoy the ‘tit -bits’
And play with toys in the surgery.
Then it’s into the vet to have their jab,
For it’s “Booster Time” you see?
A Pair of Aces
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