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  I have a friend called ANGUS
Hes a bonny heilan dog
He walks the moors in all weathers
In rain, in snow, in fog.
He is sort, of on the shortish side
Eleven inches to the shoulder,
A great big heid and a peppery coat
And for courage, theres nowt bolder.
  He runs and barks at birds and beasts
As we trek the heathered hill.
Hes inquisitive, a nosey dog
And rarely standing still.
His busy little hairy legs
Complete wi heilan gait,
Cover the ground at amazing speed.
He has nae time to wait.
  For this time is HIS prime time
When hes free to run and roam.
A Dandie Dinmont on the loose,
Though not so far from home.
For Dandies are fond of comfort,
A wee place by the fireside,
Or a chair Ive just vacated,
Is a place he likes to bide.
  Big soft brown eyes in a face of grey
Watches every move I make
I groom him to perfection,
Only to watch hime do the shake
He rolls around and messes up
All the grooming I have done
If at the SHOW hed behaved himself
Im sure WE would have WON.
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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved