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  Well as you all have no doubt experienced the onslaught of the 'pyrotechnic season' (mid September through until mid January) you will understand my frustration at the indiscriminate use of fireworks. If we can be frightened and intimidated by the new mixture of loutishness and gunpowder.... have a thought as to how our pets feel.......
Here is a view from a pet's perspective........
Dog 1 Pyrotechnics is a word I've grown to hate
As a canine I cannot comprehend
They start around October and go on so very late
That I'm sure they're never going to end.
With hearing as acute as you know my hearing is
An attribute upon which my life depends
I cannot stand explosions or things that go off whizz
And I give thanks when the 'pyrotechnic season' ends.
  The seasons has been protracted
There are no longer days of truce
Must these scenes be re-enacted
For in truth there's no excuse
We are the frightened minority
With no voice to call our own
In your pursuit of enjoyment
The practise has grown and grown
Dog 2
Dog 3 We are never given a moments thought
When you point those rockets to the sky
We are left in fear to tremble
Without understanding why.
With each firework you light
Our fears are born anew
It gives you a moment of delight
But it causes heartache too.

It causes great distress to all pets
Whom you once did call a friend
My plea this year to you is
Let this PYROTECHNIC practise end.

Angus ... Dandie Dinmont Terrier.

Bulldog Begs
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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved