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  As you may have observed the Dandie’s size and proportions appear rather odd. It is that very fact that makes them so endearing. They are DIFFERENT.

The Dandie Dinmont’s head looks big for his overall size, though it should not be out of proportion. The profuse soft silky hair on the crown accentuates this peculiarity. The jaws are powerful, equipped with formidable teeth that will kill rats with celenity.
The rich, dark, hazel eyes betoken intelligence and dignity. The ears are set low and hang close on the cheeks. The neck is muscular and well developed. The body is long and flexible, with well sprung ribs and round chest, the latter being well let down between the forelegs. The back, rather low at the shoulders, arches over the loins and then makes a gradual drop. The tail is curved like a scimitar. The front legs are short and very strong, being well equipped with bone and muscle. The hind legs are a trifle longer and are place rather wide apart.

The coat, from the scull to the root of the tail, is a mixture of harsh and soft hair, which gives it a ply feeling. That on the under part of the body is light in colour and softer. Colours may be either pepper or mustard; the former ranging from a dark bluish black to a light sliver grey. Mustards vary from a reddish brown to a pale fawn.

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