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A Christmas tale

(The other side of Christmas)


They told me it was Christmas,

that was about a week ago,

but Christmas for the homeless

is just another night spent in the snow.

Another night to get through

until the break of another day,

a day that brings the hope of

a chance of work and pay.

Christmas lights and silver bells

don't keep me warm at night.

I'm glad the snow was light this year,

deep snow exacerbates my plight.

Chicken, turkey, large mince pies

are but memories from my past.

My stomach now lies empty,

I don't know when I ate my last.

They told me it was Christmas time

and of the joy New Year would bring,

I could hear the revellers laughing

and somewhere.... a child began to sing.

My little world receded

as my sight began to fail,

many hands tried to lift me up,

alas my legs were far too frail.

Those hands became so gentle

as they laid me on a bed,

despite the fear of hypothermia

I was not left for dead.

I received sustenance at Christmas

from a nurse in a hospital wing,

she told me to look forward

to the joy New Year would bring.


A Christmas Tale (Audio)

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