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  A Country Grace  

 We thank you for the food we eat

Albeit from anothers hands.

Meanwhile we break the stony ground

And sow seed, in these barren lands.

We battle with the elements,

Scorching winds or nightly frost

To save the seeds we've planted

And replace the crops we've lost.

We thank you for the sustenance

Provided for us, here today,

We thank you for this blessing

As we bow our heads to pray.

May the seeds that we have planted

Grow strong and straight and true,

So that when itis time to harvest

We can dedicate our crop to you.

Bless the fare upon this festive board

All a product of thy Grace

Bless us this day our Heavenly Lord

Without favour to any race.

May we all remain your children

Husbands to your promised lands

May we learn to, nuture and protect them,

And thus earn your blessing through our hands.


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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved