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   One thinks of life as living gay, to enjoy ones self from day to day,

   But think of life as others live it, a gardener as he shapes a privet.

   A miner, digging underground, financiers that make the world go round.
   All these people have a job to do, and only one lifetime to see it through.

   They lay their leisure hours aside, and only in God will they confide

   For He determines the span of life, the amount of gaiety and strife.

   For our life on earth is but borrowed time, a play, an act, a pantomime.
   We are given a chance to do our best and of certain things we do not jest.

   For a power holds us from inside, makes clear the laws, which we must abide

   It proves to us what is right and wrong, lifts forth our hearts in praise and song

   It tells us of a Judgement Day, and when we kneel just what to say.

    As the twig is bent, so the bough shall form
    As the sun breaks through so the day shall warm,
    As the seed is sown, so the crop shall grow,
   Who governs this, who makes it so?
   In who's hands lies all this Power,
   To bring forth heavy rain, or shower,
   To call down lightening, or growling thunder,
   To create such beauty, or dazzling wonder?

   Is the Lord our God behind these works, should we sing His praises in all our Kirks.
   Or can we kneel just where we are and thank the Lord from near and far?
   It is just a question in my mind, but it is the answer i must find,

  To clarify what's right, what's wrong, before I lift my voice in song.
  To me life has dealt its several blows and the doubt within me grows and grows,

  My faith is weakened day by day, I try so hard yet cannot pray.

  Everything I've loved is gone, and life alone is a lonely one.

  What purpose have I served on earth, my contribution, what's it worth?
  I've left no mark that one can see, My GOD will HE remember me?

  The same thought haunts me day by day, why was I cast in this one act play?

  My voice cries out in fervent plea, when.... will someone answer me?


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