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My Evening Prayer

Tomorrow will hold my happiness

As yesterday did hold my tears,

I shall fill the daylight hours with joy

And let the night-time hide my fears.

I shall walk amongst my friends with smiles

And hide my troubles deep within,

Be charitable to every cause

Perchance to recant my sin.


I shall strip away the weeds of grief

And once more walk in the light,

For in my heart it is my belief

We'll meet again, one night.

We will share those new tomorrows

As we shared our yesterdays

And fill the hours with joy, not sorrow

In our tried and trusted ways.


With her hand in mine, fingers entwined

We'll fall in love once more,

We'll speak of things yet undefined

As we walk that moonlit shore.

We shall embrace as in days gone by

On that beach down by the sea,

We'll count the stars in that velvet sky,

Just my own true love, and me.


Such is my prayer each evening

As yet unanswered by the dawn,

Each evening it grows stronger

Each morning finds me forlorn,

But come what may, I'm ready

To say goodbye to friends and peers,

For tomorrow will hold my happiness

As yesterday did hold my tears.

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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved