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My Friend Sam


They came and took my friend from me

a tear rolled down my cheek,

He lost his life at the age of three

who's help will I know seek?

His companionship and love was mine

this devoted friend and aide

He walked with me, be it wet or fine,

we were veterans on parade.

We would leave the bustle of the town

and stroll down by the sea,

He would guide me up the dunes and down,

for I am blind you see.

Our favourite spot was an old pine log

lying on the shore,

The wind, the sea, the sky, my dog,

who could ask for anything more?

I let him run and enjoy his bark

as he played upon the sand

And then he'd take me through the park

and we'd listen to the band.

Sam and I were soul mate true

we were known all over town

He knew by instinct just what to do

and he never let me down.

He'd rest his head upon my knee,

I'd stroke his shaggy hair

He devoted all his life to me

and lifted my despair.

He'd guide me through the shopping mall

right to the very store,

A companion, friend, my only pal,

who could ask for anything more?

Our walks were long and unconfined

yet circuitous just the same

For sand and frolics were on his mind,

he must play his daily game.

I'd slip his lead and off he'd run

while I waited by the log

He'd bark and dig and have his fun,

he'd earned it, good old dog.

Then came that fateful day in May

we set out for our walk,

My dog ran off and began to play

whilst a friend and I did talk.

There was a blast! A bark, a whine,

then silenced reigned once more,

My dog had found an old land mine

a relic of the war.

My sightless eyes just filled with tears

as they led me from the shore,

Our favourite spot now a place of fears

I'd go back there no more.

My darkness now imprisons me

in a tomb of black despair,

Sam was a friend who'd set me free,

who else was there to care?

Forgetful my hand reaches out

to that damp patch on my knee,

Sam's head's not there but without a doubt

that's where it ought to be!

They've laid a plaque in the shopping Mall

outside our favourite store,

To my companion, friend and only pal,

who could ask for anything more?


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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved