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The Power That Lies Within


Ascend to Heaven through your internal self

Follow not the ways of wayward man

Leave not your intuition upon the shelf

Do not resist the Master Plan.

Superconsciousness should be your aim

Let your soul direct your mind,

These sham religions are all the same

Pure sectarianism, and to each other, blind.

Self realisation should be your goal

Once attained, you're on your way,

The first step is to know your soul

Take that first step, now, today.

Take the time to look at the inner you

Through that window in your mind,

Take the time to think your feelings through

The right path is there to find.

That path, it starts within you

In your subconscious, buried deep,

Meditation is your first clue

Wide awake, and yet asleep.

Awake, to the truth that is in your heart

Asleep, to confusion and dismay,

The Power will find you if you play your part

Meditate with me, today.

The Power that lies within you

Is uncorrupted, strong and bold,

It's there in every cell and sinew

It is a miracle to behold.

You hold the key to this power source

Unlock the same ere it's too late

You can reap the benefits of this wondrous force

If you would but relax, and Meditate!



The Power That Dwells Within

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