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Vintage Summer Wine

Oh what a day, oh what a day

Here we are the first of May

Sun is shinning, cloudless sky

I'll drink the Scotch and you the Rye.

We'll sunbathe on the fresh cut lawn

Boozing, snoozing, through until dawn.

We'll shower in the morning dew

Come back in and have a few......

Cornflakes, Wheaties, Special K

And do the same on the second day.

For lunch we'll have a Bar-B-Q

Mixed grill for me a steak for you,

Wash it down with ice cold ale.

We'll swing the lamp and tell the tale,

Like two old salts home from the sea.

An enticing thought you must agree.


We'll reminisce in this laid back way

With the kind of music we like to play.

From time to time we'll rub in oil

No thoughts of work no need to toil.

Soak up the sun, sun rise, sun set,

No need to get your Bikini wet.

We'll hang a sign on our front door,

"Incommunicado, for a week or more."

We'll indulge ourselves just you and I

Under that blazing sun, that summer sky.

We've never tried this scene before

Let's take time out, we've not much more,

You're seventy one, I'm seventy three

And this is the first year we've been free.

Just park your zimmer next to mine

Come, share with me a glass of wine.

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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved