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spacer A Brief Encounter

It was a grey November day and the wind had brought the rain. I glanced out through the window, rivulets formed on the pane. “Time to close the shop” I thought, “It’s time to make for home, time to tread that cobbled labyrinth, that elaborate honeycomb.”

  I donned my heavy winter overcoat and raised the collar high, I stepped out into the deserted streets and eyed the leaden sky. The clouds were dark and ominous. A deluge was in store, I’d have to step out smartly or I’d get soaked through to the core.  
  I secured the shop and glanced around, then set off at quite a pace, the wind was strong and blustery driving the rain into my face. I walked, head bowed, turned slightly left, seeking protection from the storm, hunched and huddled deep within my coat, to keep my body warm.
  The inevitable, it happened, whilst my mind was elsewhere occupied, I collided with this lady, then just stood there stupefied. Our eyes flashed in annoyance as they locked in a defiant stare, we just stood there as the rain fell around us, somehow we didn’t seem to care.  
  Her eyes they softened into deep brown pools, a radiant smile lit up her face, for me, the sun broke through the clouds, of the rain there was no trace.
  Orchestrated music filled my head and dispelled that bleak November air, my eyes took in that angelic face framed by scented, auburn hair.  
  In those few seconds we lived a lifetime that was full of warmth and love, It ended as the lightening flashed, in those leaden skies above. I will remember that brief encounter until my dying day, and the way she turned and smiled at me, then quickly walked away. Go ack to Poem Menu
  A Brief Encounter  (Audio)  
Copyright © 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved