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spacer A Highland Curiousity

My ship had suffered in the storm,
Lost her canvas, then her mast.
The rocks o’ Beauly tore out her keel
Before my feet touched shore at last.
I made my way towards Inverness,
In rain that left me sodden
It was April 1746
A battle raged at Culloden.

  No shelter was afforded me
No inhabitants showed their face,
Doors were closed and shutters barred
As I reeled from place to place.
Redcoated soldiers roamed in packs
Lowland Scotsmen led the way,
Heiland families fought and died
So that Charlie could have his day!
  Heiland clans did shed their blood
As they fought on Culloden field,
No quarter asked, no quarter given
Scot killed Scot, for none would yield.
The heilanders were massacred
And as a rabble, put to rout.
Cumberland ordered, “No mercy today”
And his armies took up the shout!
  And so it was they found me
Huddled, shivering behind a dyke
The flotsam of humanity
Of which they’d seen no like.
Bedraggled and bewildered
I ranted of voyages overseas,
My life was spared by these Lowlanders
Who comprehended not, CHINESE!!
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