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spacer A Second Thought

There is a Heaven and a Hell within us
And this life is a magnificant dream,
Believe not all that is promised
Take you share of the curds with the cream.
We need to separate truth from temporal inflection
Have our experience of life, here and now,
For the truth is my friend
That this life will soon end
And there's nothing to follow, I vow.

  Old time religion is over
Our life models should change with the times,
For two thousand years
We've been saying our prayers
And believing in nursery rhymes.
  In the year 5000 B.C.
There were sects and religions galore,
There were legends and tales
The Gods used lillys for sails
And the people believed them what's more.
  Take Mohammed, Buddha or Moses,
Each one of them showed us the way
They each made a start
Though they were eons apart
Tell me, who will show us today?
Those prophets of old
Were considered quite bold
Yet their teachings were exactly the same.
They told us of Three
Our creators you see,
Slightly different? But what's in a name?
  Time distorts this age old story,
Adds trappings where there should be none
Such as this tale
About which I rail
In my leisure time spent by just one.
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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved