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There once were two boys, one five and one three
Who lived in a village, far over the sea.
These boys had a dog, a retriever no less,
And between them, all three, they made such a mess.
Samuel, Joshua and Willie, the dog
Went into the garden to hunt down a frog.
They chased it through bushes and into a pond
And watched as it hopped to the garden beyond.

  “What shall we do now?” said Samuel to Josh,
“Best go inside and give our hands a quick wash.”
But Willie had found a wee hole in the fence,
A small one to start with, but he made it immense.
He was after the frog, for he was a retriever,
No one could say he was an underachiever.
Samuel and Josh watched interested in him
As the frog and the dog, both went for a swim.
  Then their grandpa raised them all with a shout
“You boys, come here, and you Willie, get out!”
The boys came at once at their grandpa’s command
For he had the cookie jar, right there in his hand.
Now Willie he pondered, er, cookie or frog?
He decided on cookies, that hungry ole dog.
Grandpa and the boys and old Willies as well
Settled for cookies, whilst the frog waved farewell.
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