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spacer Alice's Knickers !!

The story really started many years ago
Two children played a silly game
They called it ‘Show for Show’
Their names were Jack and Alice
Just bairns of five or six
“Jack, show me your underpants
And I’ll show you, my frilly ‘nicks’”

  Jack at last persuaded
Dropped his knee length corduroys
Alice stared and began to laugh,
Then called over the other boys.
Jack was livid he’d been had
By this frilly fairy queen
Whilst she ogled at his underpants
She made sure her frills weren’t seen.
  The years rolled by, as we know they do
Then came that fateful night,
“A church concert jack, would you like to go,
Alice Clark’s their leading light?”
Memories flooded back for Jack
Of that day so long ago
That little girl, those frilly ‘nicks’
He wouldn’t miss this show.
  They filed into the old church hall
Jack took up his seat.
He’d waited years for his revenge
And his revenge was sweet.
The cast a group of pensioners
Their renditions brought forth snickers
“Whey Jack lad, did yi enjoy the show?”

“Just tell Alice I’ve seen her knickers!!!!”
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Copyright © 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved