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  I finished of my evening chores, then looked around the house,
It was as silent as a grave, as quiet as a mouse.
I stood and listened for a while but not a sound did hear,
A wee cold shiver ran down my spine, was that cold shiver, fear?
I shook mysel and said out loud "Get to bed my lad."
I locked the door and climbed the stairs and began to feel quite sad.
I reached out for her photograph and clutched it to my breast
Then lay back gently on the bed and whispered, "Do your best"
  I lay and waited quite a while in the darkness of that room
And then a mist materialised, effervescent in the gloom.
I watched it swirl and twist and shape, into a form I knew,
And as the image solidified, I said, "My God, it's you."
As I stood there watching this form upon the bed
It was me that was lying there, at peace but not yet dead.
My next thought was of family, in a place far from here
And suddenly I was with them, or at least I was quite near.
  I watched them, each and everyone, through, what seemed to be a day
I watched them complete their mundane tasks, I watched their children play.
They talked and even argued, whilst I was in the room
One started laying floor tiles whilst I stood there in the gloom.
One, you know the one I mean, had trouble with his car
He cursed it, he kicked it, but he'd let things go too far.
There was dissention at my sister's, I could not make it out
It was a family arguement, of that there was no doubt.
  The scenes were all so vivid, they lie etched upon my mind
Even scenes from the USA, scenes of a different kind.
Scenes of my son a freshman, not giving of his best
Flaunting chances of promotion in some College faculty, out West
Distractions hampering judgment of both my kith and kin,
Yet if they put their minds to it, there's no doubt that they would win.
My visitation over I returned unto my room
And re-entered that inert body that lay there in the gloom.


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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved