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Dreams are desired objects, visual fallacies borne on gossamer wings, dreams are personal fantasies, shy and insubstantial things. Dreams are visions, hopes, desires, imagination running free, dreams are personal to the dreamer, not confined to the bourgeoisie. Dreams can be escapism through the day as well as night, a break, a pause, an interval in the continual battle that we fight. Let your mind rest for a moment, forget the turmoil of the day, that is when a dream will form and transport your mind away.

  Dreams are fabricated visions of personal desires out with your reach, have you noticed that the dreams you have are totally devoid of speech? Conversations are telepathic, and you can move from place to place, try and scrutinise the written word, it disappears without a trace. Yet you comprehend the message that is being conveyed to you, your reactions are so natural, you believe the dream is true.  
  Let us hone in on aspirations, hopes, desires of the mind, these are different from personal fantasies, they are of a progressive kind. They are products of ambition, of a craving within us all, we measure ourselves by their success as to whether we stand or fall. These are dreams realised through concentration, through the effort that is put in, these are dreams that are sometimes fulfilled by a conscious for to win.  
  Now let us move on into fantasy, a creation of the mind, let us move on to that mystic plain, and see what we can find.These dreams are full of desires, physical adventure or financial gain, there are dreams that boost your ego without restriction from your brain. There are dreams that will allow you to enact just what you will, an entree of self indulgence where you can part-take until you’ve had your fill. From orgasms of ecstasy through to mediocre roles, YOU, you are the dreamer and you have the controls.  
  You set the scene within your mind and then you open that ‘third’ eye, then drift off into an abstract world where there is no horizon, far less sky. The abstracts take on a solid form as required by your desire, and as you move on through the dream, disappear, like Elmo’s Fire. Dreams require concentration and a peaceful atmosphere, a free rein on imagination when entering Dreamlands vast frontier.Dreams induce a hypnotic state, forming a fragile barrier around the mind, isolating consciousness and that world you’ve left behind. Dreams are abstract fabric, the weft and patterns are left to you, so when next you feel like dreaming you now know what to do. Find yourself a quiet place, relax and close your eyes, give your mind to Dreamland, you may get a big surprise.  
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