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Roman Speaker

Consider this yea men of learning as an answer to that mortal yearning.
Of what happens to us when we die, do the age old answers satisfy?
In my musings I have pondered thus, there is more to this than just being us.
One must first understand that one is a soul, so letís put aside other rigmarole.

  Fix these two things deep in your mind, you are a body, with a spirit of the eternal kind.
As the body changes from child to man, the spirit is unchanged in this time span.
The soul is unborn, eternal, undying, it has but one aim and is constantly trying, to re-enter the abode of the Heavenly Host, to be at peace and at one with the Holy Ghost.
The body, a mere vehicle to carry the soul, be that body a man, a mouse or a mole
Now think on these things for you know that itís true, the spirit oft attempts what the body canít do.
Delve deep in your mind and think of your youth, your soulís still as young, now come, tell me the truth!
Your body has aged and your limbs may feel sore, but the spirit within you wants to do more.
  The Spiritual soul has one major quest that is to qualify in order to rest, t hus it moves on from its bodily host, searching, aye searching for what it needs most, and so as this frail body breaks down and dies, the soul and that spirit to another womb flies.  
  To develop once more in the natural way, such is the role our soul has to play.
Then that life and that force emerges again, to take temporary abode in the bodies of men.
And so it will be until we understand our destinyís ruled by His Divine Hand.
We must divest ourselves of materialistic need, only then can that restless Spiritual seed
Cease to travel that eternal road, and rest in peace within His abode.
The first step to heaven is what we must learn, itís not, what can I get, or how much can I earn.
  Thereís YOU and the body you wear like a coat, the two things are separate and this you must note.
As the coat wears and it comes time to discard, YOU move into another, comprehensionís not hard.
Itís the acceptance of logic and lifeís natural law, itís learning new concepts never spoken before.
It is treading a new path to reach the same goal, itís the realisation, that YOU are your SOUL.

The body we inhabit is a temporary shell, it is what we do in it that creates Heaven or Hell.
The stage that weíve reached now in the body of man, is a stage far removed from when YOU first began.
In each of those separate, yet different lives, your soul went on searching and still yet it strives,
For Spiritual perfection somewhere on that road, so that it may return to His Heavenly abode.



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Copyright © 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved