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spacer A Mother Love

Embodied in the female form is a tenderness, a love thatís warm
And from conception we nestle there, to start our growth without a care.
We are nourished in this tender pod for a time determined by our God
And when that pregnancy termís complete, we are delivered forth the world to meet
Thereís pain and anguish at our birth, but for each Mother it has its worth
For now at last that Mum can see the results of this her pregnancy.

  Washed and cleaned to look our best, weíre introduced to our Motherís breast,
We suckle at this female form and draw from her a love thatís warm
And from those early days of life she protects us from the toil and strife.
A bond is formed, a love is born, the effort leaves her weak and worn.
  The waiting and the pain is past she holds you in her arms at last,
A smile breaks out, sheís feeling good as she enters the realms of Motherhood.
The body warmth, the tender touch is what we learn to need so much,
The open arms, the gentle smile is what we crave for all the while.
  When life deals us blows, one after another, who do we turn to if not Mother?
The comfort and warmth of that female form will shield us from the fiercest storm,
And so protected we venture forth to explore the world for what itís worth.
We traverse the land and cross the sea, and then discover ecstasy.
We discover love of a different kind a love weíd sought but had yet to find
Embodied in a female form, a brand new love thatís sweet and warm
  And so once more the wheel will turn, another child for love will yearn,
Another Mother will feel the pain as she brings a child into the world again.
The patternís set and we obey for that indeed is Natureís way,
A Motherís love to warm our heart, a Motherís love gave us our start.
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Copyright © 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved