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There is no time left, to listen
All that needs to, has been said.
Now itís time to move into action
Least we be counted amongst the dead.
For there is a great change pending
The multitudes rise, even as we speak,
To take back from rulers, kings and tyrants
That which was promised to the meek.

  Harness your energy, then feel the power
Charge each particle of clean fresh air,
Hear the voices, those incantations
From the throats of people, everywhere.
One voice leads all humanity
In their protestations, chants and song,
The piercing voice of social conscience
That is out to right whatís wrong.
  For every man and every woman
Has an unalienable human right
To that original, God given freedom,
To raise their eyes and live in the light.
There is no time left to sit and listen
The time for action is here and now,
Join hands in friendship with your neighbour
Forsake the sword, for pen and plough.
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