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Sweet love what can I do about the pain
That restricts the very air within mine breast
Causing dizziness, dry throat, to this poor swain
Who wishes for thee nothing but the best?

  Sweet love, I pray from thee, a glance,
A momentary meeting of our eyes,
Such encounter would set my heart a merry dance
And stars would light the darkness of the skies.
  Sweet love, a word, from thy pert lips
Would fill my being with wonder and with awe
And thus all rationality eclipse
Until the sanity of my mind became no more.
  Sweet love, if thou perchance did touch my hand
Such meeting would with lightning charge the air
Aurora Borealis would not be as grand
The world for me would not hold, a single care.
  Sweet love, please relieve me of this pain
By making me sole recipient of your kisses,
Hear this my prayer, I pray each night in vain
That on reflection you may remember me, NARCISSUS.
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Narcissus at the pool
Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved