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spacer "I will say this.... only once."

The walls Iíd built around me to insulate my plight were taking on a morbid hue, I was crotchety, uptight. I needed space to stretch my mind, these walls, they must come down, a change of scene, the country side, I must leave this shanty town. I walked up to a coastal bluff and watched the sky and sea embrace, breathing deep of that ozoned air, faint sea spray in my face. I saw the clouds scud overhead, a white Armada in the sky, twisting, swirling, changing shape, these ghost ships passed me by. Save but one I noticed, itís approach was quite controlled, and as the Sun sank down behind it, it changed to burnished gold.

  Transfixed I watched itís progress across the foam flecked sea, that cloud defied directional winds, it was coming straight at me. It engulfed me and uplifted me and transported me on high, it carried me quite gently, into that, sometimes red, then purple sky. Telepathic thoughts were transmitted to my poor bewildered brain, ďAsk not what you do not know, this journey will explain.Ē The journey took me back in time when the Earth was young and green, and revealed to me such wonders that no other man had seen. The beauty, the magnificence, that Mother Nature had achieved, if seeing is believing, then this sight must be believed.  
  ďThis was your inheritance prepared with care for you, left to your own devices, this is what you chose to do.Ē My journey brought me forward through the annals of our time and there replayed before my eyes was mankindís heinous crime. Total slaughter and destruction, lay rotting in his wake, the fish the fowl, the forest lands, the sight made my heart ache. The sea and air polluted, baron lands bereft of soil, man had destroyed the environment, there was nothing left to spoil. Nature was unbalanced, storms and tempests scourged the land, man had committed genocide and left nought but rocks and sand.  

ďThis will be the outcome, in three score years and ten, you mark these words, you mark this dayĒ and the Heavens sighed ďAMENĒ My journey now completed I was returned back to that shore, to publish this, to make amends, so of you I do implore, take heed of this timely vision that was shown to you through me, we donít own the environment, we are merely itís trustee. Our slaughter has been wasteful, carried out in greed for gain, we must reform and take this chance, WE WONíT BE TOLD AGAIN!


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