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She is still here, she is with me
I know as my grief unfurls
I feel her presence around me
As we exist in separate worlds.
It is the touching of our spirits
The interlocking of our minds
She's the guiding light in my despair
Although gone, she still spellbinds.

  I reach out to her in my lonliness
With my thoughts and my aching heart
And she's always there to comfort me
Although we are worlds apart.
She exists for me in my memory,
Deep brown eyes and auburn curls
She is at my side in all I do,
Albeit in separate worlds.
  Our strength is in our spirit
Tempered with undying love,
That link remains unbroken
Like a hand within a glove.
Our spirits march on together
Supporting each in our own way,
She watches over me at night
I think of her all day.
  My inspiration springs from her
In all that I say and do
The child of the love I have for her
Our creation, strong and true.
It is through these works that she'll live on
As the pattern of live unfurls
Until that day we can meet again
And enjoin these SEPARATE WORLDS


Separate Worlds (Audio)

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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved