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Let me tell you of a story of an era long ago wherein there lived a Teacher, the Scrolls, they tell us so. These Scrolls contained the Law of Moses and were the Chronicles of the Jews. A history of the Essene sect is included in there too.

  This Leader of the Essenes born one hundred years B.C. features in these ancient writings, known as the Scrolls of the Dead Sea. He lived by a Manual of Discipline and taught the Law unto His own, the Teacher of Righteousness, or the Messiah, as he was known.  
  His teachings were of Love and Peace, of sharing with a brother. He was the first to teach these ways, before Him there was no other. He was Martyred for His cause by Aristobulus Mark II. His teachings did survive His death and were chronicled by a Jew.  
  Such writings recorded within the Scrolls are there for us to see, impairing authority of the Masoretic text, they are withheld from you and me. The uniqueness of Christ is now at stake, was he an Essene student too? Yes, for thirty years he learned His trade to pass His findings on to you.  
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