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  The irrepressible hand of Fate,
leaves its message in the stars.
It informs us of our destiny
as does the Book of theological memoirs.
It is written upon a background
that all humanity can see,
its message static and unchanging
throughout all Eternity.
  We must learn to read this message
implanted in the gardens of our mind
if we are to seek and reap the harvest
that has been promised to Mankind.
That message is of sharing,
of love and harmony
of sharing with all forms of life,
a basic rule of theogony.
  The seed of Love has been implanted,
in the gardens of the mind
and we must learn the art of husbandry,
then life's secrets we shall find.
We must learn the art of sharing,
in a fair and equitable way.
We must uproot the weed of avarice,
we must start that work today.
  The irrepressible hand of fate,
having written, so moves on.
Are we to ignore these warnings
until all hope of peace is gone?
Are we to let these weeds grow
until at last we all are blind,
or shall we tend those seeds of love,
In the gardens of our mind?
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