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spacer Written on the demise of my wife..... terimal cancer...1989.

The Parting.

  It was time for you to leave me and I said I would not cry
But my heart was deeply wounded when I heard the word 'Goodbye'
My emotions were in a turmoil my brain was in a whirl
A lifetime of love was now at an end, I was losing my darling girl.
Believe me I was trying to hold back those emotional tears
But the dam within me had broken fate had realised my innermost fears.
The anguish and the sorrow convulsed me and wracked my sobbing frame
For this indeed was the last goodbye you would no longer speak my name
  I just stood there quite dumbfounded bereft of love and now alone
Drained of all natural feeling with a heart that had turned to stone.
Cast away in a sea of lonliness, adrift in a vast fog of despair
An exile from the bosom of love for who else was there to care?
You took with you my zest for life, you left me with the pain
For a life without your smiling face would not be the same again.
You left me with our memories to consume my daylight hours
But memories fade as you are well aware just like unwatered flowers.
  My hopes for our future were constructed with you my love in mind
Those hopes now torn and broken lie at my feet and now are blind.
For hope is the all seeing eye of life hopes are dreams we aspire to fill
The forlorn hope that I cherish now is that you love me still.
Gone are my dreams of providing you with the life that you deserve
This parting my dear has seen to that and there is no one else my heart will serve.
My mind creates this vision of two vast icebergs in the sea
And as the sun does melt our form, you drift away from me.
  In these waters of separation your form disappears before my eye
I cannot get to grips with life I can but sit around and cry
The parting although predicted is a blow I cannot withstand
There is no solace there's peace no more in any part of this desolate land
So I carry with me this burden that gets heavier every day
And when I kneel I pray to God to take this weight away.
Perhaps then being light of spirit I may find my way to you
To resume our life in another place, if so my last dream will come true.
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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved