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I was sitting here this evening, lounging in my favourite chair, when my mind, it took to wandering, snatching snippets from the air. The kaleidoscope of pictures were amazing to behold, until I honed in to just one thought, ďHey lad, youíre getting old!Ē For you see I had been reviewing things that had happened in my past, and when Iíd brought myself up to date, that thought had been my last.

  Time plus relativity, can mean a myriad of different things. Time when you are short of it, just flies as if on wings. Yet time, when you are waiting seems to walk with leaden feet, time for me now is just a measure to keep things nice and neat.For you see I have to fill each day, as many mortals do, with sleep and work and leisure time, Iím sure itís the same for you.

Sleep for me is not easy, I have a hyperactive mind and after the chores of the day are done, I find it difficult to unwind. Leisure, well now thatís a laugh, how many activities are there for one? Unless you have a partner with whom can you share the fun? Oh yes you can come up with a thousand things, for someone like me to do, coupled with a thousand reasons and Iím sure for you theyíre true.
But then thatís true for you dear friend, not necessarily me, for each of us are different with our own idiosyncrasies. Itís easy to advise someone from a position thatís safe and sound. What would YOU make of such advice when your spirit is on the ground? It happens, there are a few of us who Ďexistí in this unnatural way. The reasons they are complex, but we get by....... day by day.
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