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spacer What Retirement....meant!

I have wondered about life without work
About a life I cannot avoid
Now my worst dreams have been realised
As and from today, Iím unemployed.
Not just redundant, or no longer needed,
Not just out of work but burnt out and spent.
Iím talking about the BIG one,
Iím talking, RETIREMENT.

  So this is how it is going to be,
Life without the daily grind,
Spurned by a regime of automatons
Who are set to rule mankind.
But then it is as was expected
When technology raised itís head.
There is no place for the old regime
Custom and practise are now long dead.
  I can live without the work
That was my life for forty years.
I can leave my friends and colleagues
Who live daily with their fears.
I can opt out from the rat race
For I am retired, not unemployed!
When I say I shall not miss you
Please do not get annoyed.
  When the alarm went off this morning
A habitual reflex came into play,
I arose, I shaved and showered
Dressed, to face a brand new day.
There was breakfast to eat at my leisure,
There was a whole new world outside.
There was a dog that needed walking.....
A tear formed and I cried.
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