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When sorrow overwhelms you and life itself is hard to bear,
When grieving leaves you empty of all, save black depair,
When your heart is broken, and the love therein runs out,
Where does love go when it dies, my tortured soul does shout.

  Love is so intangible, and abstract without form,
Yet love alone on the coldest night can keep a body warm.
Love itself is immeasurable, it has many a different guise,
But tell me, where does love go, where does love go when it dies?
  Love can fill your heart to bursting, expression can ease the pain,
And when such love is so expressed, love fills your heart again.
Love moves in waves through everyone, the foolish and the wise,
It hurts me when I think of it but, where does love go when it dies?
  Love ebbs and flows throughout your life, like seas around the shore,
No matter how you use it up, when needed there is more.
Love lifts you up and floats you off, like clouds up in the skies,
The question that still haunts me is, "Where does love go when it dies?"
  Love is born of feeling and its womb is in the heart.
Love needs reassurance, especially when you're apart.
Love is so emotional it brings tears into your eyes,
I'm crying now as I ask you this, "Where deoes love go when it dies?"
  What happens to those feelings when expression is denied
I've tried to channel love elsewhere, it's hard I know, I've tried.
I mean that special love, that feeling, and all that it impies,
It has left me, I am empty, "Where does love go when it dies?"
  Will I ever find that resting place and rediscover love
Will my spirit soar, will my heart sing, when I find her in Heaven above
For when I find her I will ask her when I look into her eyes,
For she left me with this question... "Where does love go....when it dies?"
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Copyright 2005 David Burt , all rights reserved