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WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF FANTASY let me be your guide through the labyrinths of YOUR mind, let me lay bare ..................................

I shall be your host and supply you with the word pictures that you, yourself shall paint. In the writings that are about to follow you are requested to play a major part, in that without your full co-operation the hallucinations that could be created by these works will not materialise.

These works are simple exercises in hallucination, each as it enfolds draws for you a word picture, the colouring of that picture is left to your own imagination. These works will provide you with a rare insight into the mind and state of the mind of the writer. They will reach down into the self that is YOU and in some cases remind you of things you had long since forgotten. In other cases they will challenge your beliefs, but in all cases they will give you something to think about. New concepts, new angles to view what we call life, they will provide food for thought.

Love, Death and Spirituality, the composition of life. Each one of us will at sometime come face to face with those components, each one of us will have to deal with their complexities, each one of us will find our own way of doing just that.

Strip away the facades that we erect to shield and protect ourselves from the ‘slings and arrows of misfortune’ strip away the bias and the bigotry, strip away the pomposity and greed and all you are left with is innocence. It is that innocence that we must all strive to return to if we are to really make our own individual mark in this life.

LOVE in it’s true form is innocence, DEATH in it’s finality is innocence, SPIRITUALITY is a combination of LOVE and DEATH and is therefore pure innocence.

In these works we touch upon varying aspects of all these subjects and offer you a point of view on most. These are not edicts, they are merely different avenues of thought. They are not even new avenues, they are however presented in a different format, they allow you to colour your own canvas by taking on board or discarding the word pictures. Accept or disregard as you see fit, but do not disect or argue their meaning, for their true meaning remains in the mind of the writer. Any other interpretation must of necessity be coloured by the innocence or guilt of the interpreter.

Enjoy these works for what they are, take from them whatever you will, if a tear forms, cry, if a new thought is born, nurture it, if amusement is found, laugh, for it is but words I do with play, so pay not ye mind to what I say.

The total works are inspired by a love that I was privileged to share for almost forty years. The body that encapsulated that love, alas, has returned back to Mother Earth. The Spirit that took up temporary abode in that body did not fully depart. It imprnted itself into my memory and remains with me still, for as young lovers we gave ourselves to each other totally, and in doing so unified our SPIRITS. That bond is a one that was truly made in Heaven and a bond that cannot be broken.


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